Plant info :- 
The Barberton groundsel or succulent bush senecio (Senecio barbertonicus Klatt) is an evergreen succulent shrub of the family Asteraceae and genus Senecio, native to Southern Africa, named after one of its native localities Barberton and is now also being cultivated elsewhere for its drought resistance, clusters of sweetly scented, golden-yellow, tufted flower heads in winter and attractiveness to butterflies, the painted lady butterfly (Vanessa cardui) in particular.

Plant care :-

use well-draining porous soil.

keep it in bright daylight – mine is on a windowsill.

water infrequently – no more than once a week – the soil should look & feel dry.

prune leggy branches as needed

plant fertilization:-
According to the type of fertilizer, it is preferable to review us before using any type


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